About Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah, the face behind the cakes!

I was born and raised in Germany, settled in East London and live and breathe baking!

I had the honour to grow up in a family of very talented home-bakers and my Mum, Nan and aunts have been an inspiration since I was a little girl.

No week went by without trying new recipes or simply enjoying old family classics.

It's no surprise that baking became my biggest passion, my way to be creative. Once I start making cake batter, smooth buttercream or try out a new creation, I loose track of time and find myself at ease.

I started the idea of Bake Works back in 2018 and finally founded my part-time business in 2020.  At the moment, I'm a daytime Operations Manager and

nighttime baker.

I'd love to hear from you! Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or you just want to show someone you care - I will create the perfect sweet treats for you.

Sarah xx

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